Friday, January 1, 2010


Beach Planting, originally uploaded by &Naomi.

I usually make one a year. And I usually keep it. This year, I'm resolving to do everything I can to make our life in Bunbury better: happier, funner and more fulfilling.

And I'm thinking that the plants in this photo might actually play a part in that. As part of getting into Bunbury life, I want to learn more about what the conditions here mean for plantlife and gardening - specifically, the Summer heat, dryness and salty wind. To date, my main inspiration is the public plantings along the dunes, the sight in these pictures being - to me - much more beautiful than the thirsty, pansy English flowers that have been planted all around our house. Those English plants are beautiful - in England. Here, we have different light - more of a harsh glare, to be frank. The mingy greens of the foliage and the flaccid pinks of the English flowers do not look great here. And they need a lot more water than what I can provide.

There must be a way to create my ideal garden - restful, beautiful and low maintenance - from plants which are well suited to the conditions here. All it will take is a bit of research, a bit of thought and a BIG change in attitude.

Beach flowers 9

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