Monday, December 17, 2012

photo of the month

Tim's current favourite thing is reading in bed - our bed.  He loves to bunch the doona up around himself, even on warm days.

slow gardening

Just documenting the (slow) progress of our Veggie Box Garden.  Despite conscientious watering, the carrots and tomatoes have not grown very much.

As we're going away for ten days or so (for Christmas), I'm wondering should I just pull up the carrots now, to show Tim what's been growing underground?  There may not be anything at all to come back to if the weather's hot while we are away.

Gosh, gardening is so much fun to do, but so boring to talk about!  I wonder why that is?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Yesterday, Tim was playing outside completely naked when I realised that if we didn't leave right that second, we were going to be late for playgroup.  I approached him with a nappy, shorts and a t-shirt in hand, but he wasn't having a bar of it.

Me:  do you want to put some clothes on?
Tim: [shakes head No]
Me:  if you don't put clothes on, we won't be able to go to playgroup.  Do you want to go to playgroup?
Tim:  [big nod Yes]
Me:  do you want to put on clothes?
Tim:  [shakes head No]


I only had to repeat the bit about how we can't go to playgroup without clothes once or perhaps twice more. Then, avoiding all the tears and screaming tantrums I had anticipated, he let me dress him and we got into the car.

He does love that playgroup.

[nb, playgroup shown here without all the other children who make it what it is.]