Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Yesterday, Tim was playing outside completely naked when I realised that if we didn't leave right that second, we were going to be late for playgroup.  I approached him with a nappy, shorts and a t-shirt in hand, but he wasn't having a bar of it.

Me:  do you want to put some clothes on?
Tim: [shakes head No]
Me:  if you don't put clothes on, we won't be able to go to playgroup.  Do you want to go to playgroup?
Tim:  [big nod Yes]
Me:  do you want to put on clothes?
Tim:  [shakes head No]


I only had to repeat the bit about how we can't go to playgroup without clothes once or perhaps twice more. Then, avoiding all the tears and screaming tantrums I had anticipated, he let me dress him and we got into the car.

He does love that playgroup.

[nb, playgroup shown here without all the other children who make it what it is.]

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