Monday, July 19, 2010

sun down

Collie River III

Our lease on the River House is up, and unfortunately we don't have an option to renew as the people who truly own this place are coming back to live here. We can't begrudge them that.

Hayden and Lily and I are moving just down the road to a smaller, simpler dwelling. We will still be near the river, but it will no longer be in daily sight. Will we miss it? Or make more of an effort to stay in touch?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


sorting through some things in my study today, I came across this photo from the day of our wedding.

Extra nicely, I came across it in print form ... and there is something so poignant, I find, in coming across a slightly crinkled, slightly faded print photo that has fallen down the back of a drawer.

Holding it in my fingers didn't so much make me remember the day, or the kiss, or the vows or anything so much as that general glow of happiness and excitement for the future that surrounded us at the time. We had lost that, since then, during a tough couple of years. But I think we may just be beginning to feel it again.

There's nothing like that sensation, and I hope to remember to make more prints of photos, if only to lose them in the backs of drawers, and find them again, and feel them again.

Friday, July 2, 2010

dream lab


Dream Lab dared me to do something different today: to leave an anonymous gift or message of kindness for a stranger or a friend.

I actually had fun making this little sign to leave on the door of a friend's house. I loved not being a perfectionist about how it looked - I just whacked it together to get the message out there.

Strangely, it caused me to have a wonderful day to.