Friday, July 2, 2010

dream lab


Dream Lab dared me to do something different today: to leave an anonymous gift or message of kindness for a stranger or a friend.

I actually had fun making this little sign to leave on the door of a friend's house. I loved not being a perfectionist about how it looked - I just whacked it together to get the message out there.

Strangely, it caused me to have a wonderful day to.


  1. What a lovely lovely thing to do.

    Also, I thought I commented weeks ago on the cat and quilt post, but it appears not. Perhaps I only commented in my head?

  2. Suse, thoughtful comments are always welcome - regardless of whether or not they make it onto the page...

  3. Oh yes! Finding that on my door would make my day wonderous and shiny.

  4. That is a lovely thing to do. You friend must have been delighted to find it.