Thursday, July 4, 2013

last lunch

For our last lunch in Italy, we did it right.  Hayden spotted this beautiful cafe on a vine-covered terrace - and it had a view right out over the canal.

Plenty of boats for Tim to watch from the safe spot behind the wall.  Perfect!

While Tim was occupied, Hayden enjoyed his deliciously light and creamy seafood lasagna, and I tucked into something I'd always wanted to try in Italy - polenta with squid served in its own ink.  We were both extremely satisfied.

 For Tim we ordered his usual: Pasta Con Niente.

And I'm trying hard not to end this thing, about a lovely lunch during which we were nostalgically reliving our wonderful holiday even before it had officially ended with... a gripe about Tim's eating habits and the expense (!!) of dining out on plain pasta.  Six euros!!  For plain pasta!!! Tim, really...!!

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